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Light Duty Cab-Overs


Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs Hino’s signature vehicle comes in many models, one of which will be perfect for your light and medium duty urban delivery needs. Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs, 155 14,500 GVW Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs, 155DC 14,500 GVW Double Cab Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs, 195 19,500 GVW Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs, 195DC 19,500…

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HINO 155 Cab-Over


HINO 155 Cab-Over | Key Vocations: Delivery, Landscaping Now every delivery makes a difference with your new Hino 155 Cab-Over. Good things come in small packages. Great things come in small, powerful packages. The newly introduced Class 4 HINO 155 Cab-Over is powered by Hino’s award-winning 5-liter J05 series engine rated at 210 HP and 440 lb.-ft. torque. It…

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Isuzu N-Series Gas Trucks

Isuzu NPR XD Crew Cab

Isuzu offers the only gasoline-powered LCF trucks in America the Isuzu N-Series Gas Trucks. The gasoline powered Isuzu N-Series Gas Trucks, NPR and NPR-HD deliver unsurpassed performance, exceptional maneuverability and a long list of standard features. The Isuzu N-Series Gas Trucks are powered by a Vortec 6.0-liter V8 engine that produces 297 HP and 372 ft.-lbs. of torque. This…

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Isuzu NPR-XD 2020

2020 Isuzu NPR HD (Cab & Chassis)

Isuzu NPR-XD – There’s an Isuzu truck for virtually any medium-duty need. Isuzu NPR-XD trucks provide you with the features you need to help drive up productivity while driving down your cost of ownership. Our engines are legendary for their power, economy and long life. Our frames accommodate a wide range of body applications. Our low-cab-forward design provides remarkable…

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2020 Isuzu NPR-HD

Scranton Isuzu Dealership

2020 Isuzu NPR-HD – Production began in January 2019 In addition to the Class 5 gasoline trucks, Isuzu announced a number of refinements to its returning lineup of diesel- and gas-powered trucks, including new driver-assistance and audio options for all models. New Aisin A465id 6-speed double overdrive automatic transmission with lockup torque converter plus PTO opening. Seal and friction…

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