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I Want to Buy a Truck

By looking at the title of this post you are probably wondering why, I Want to Buy a Truck? In this brief story that I once read in a Sales Training book, it shows how customers do not buy products for the sake of buying the product, they buy the product because they are seeking a desired outcome.


I Want to Buy a Truck
I Need a Drill …

A customer walks into a hardware store and says to the clerk “I need a drill”. The clerk responds “Well, not really, You want to make a hole”

By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with Medium Duty Trucks or the title, I Want to Buy a Truck? The fact is this same concept applies here.

A CUSTOMER WALKS INTO NICHOLAS TRUCK SALES & SERVICE and says to me “I want to buy a truck”. I respond “you want to buy a truck, well not really, you want a piece of equipment to perform a specific task as efficiently and as profitably as possible.”

Now that we have established that, it becomes my job as a Professional Truck Sales Consultant to help this customer define or clarify what the specific task is. While there are a million different scenarios that I could use as an example, lets stick with what might be the most common in the medium duty truck world, a Box Truck. Box truck customers are not buying a Box Truck because it looks pretty parked up against their loading dock – they are buying a box truck because they need to transport their products or services from Point A to Point B as cost efficiently as possible.

Questions I would ask a potential Box Truck customer include but not be limited to:

  1. How much weight do you need to carry?
  2. Isuzu Medium Truck
    I Want to Buy a Truck, Hino or Isuzu?

    How many miles will this vehicle be driven annually?

  3. Does your product need to be refrigerated or Frozen?
    1. If so, at what temperature?
  4. Does your truck need to be dock height?
  5. Do you do more city driving or will this truck be mostly on the highway?
  6. How much product will you carry at once?
    1. What size box will you need?
  7. What kind of cargo control do you require on the inside of the box?
  8. Do you require a lift gate?
    1. If so what Capacity?
    2. How big of a platform do you need?
  9. Will you need a ramp?
  10. Would a side door be helpful?
  11. Will a fork lift be loading this vehicle?
  12. Do you need or want a Diesel or Gas truck?
  13. Do you require this truck to be under or over CDL?
  14. What commercial truck manufacturer do you have a preference for, Hino or Isuzu?

Customers may or may not know the answers to these questions off the top of their head, and that is perfectly fine. Because of that this gives me and the customer an opportunity to discuss their needs further, and will allow me to quote them the right truck for the right job and the desired outcome.

When you are in the market for a truck to help grow your business, please do not hesitate to call Nicholas Truck Sales to discuss it. We will help you be profitable, one truck at a time!

Contact us because here at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service, we are extremely proud to represent these brands in the Northeast Pennsylvania, New York Market Area. We feel that these two brands complement each other nicely.

ISUZU, which offers Low Cab Forward (Cabover) Trucks in GVWR from 12000 to 25950, in both Gas and Diesel Configurations.

HINO, offers Conventional Trucks from 23000 GVW to 66,000 GVW in both 4×2 and 6×4 Configurations, and has expanded to offer a Low Cab Forward (Cabover) Truck in both 14500 and 19500 GVW classes.

Our Sales Team is Ready, Willing and Able, to answer any questions you may have about these products and how they would work for your Business – Making you PROFITABLE – One Truck at a Time!

I Want to Buy a Truck
I Want to Buy a Truck?

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Everyone here at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service believes that trucks should be a productive and profitable tool for any business.

We believe that we help our customers Buy a Truck by doing the following:

  1. Walking our clients through every aspect of how to Buy a Truck and the Commercial Truck Buying process.
    1. Ensuring they end up with the perfect truck, with the right equipment, for the right job, at a fair price.
  2. Developing a mutual trust and respect for the customer during and after the sale.
  3. Continue to nurture that relationship by providing top quality service and support after the sale.
Robert DeFilippi
Call Robert DeFilippi if You Want to Buy a Truck

Nicholas Truck Sales & Service will help you Buy a Truck because we are a, Family-owned and operated medium duty commercial Hino, Isuzu Dealership, but do not let our size fool you. Nicholas Truck Sales & Service is proud to have a customer portfolio that includes Local Businesses to National Accounts.

We respectfully ask for the opportunity to let us show you how a Truck Dealership dedicated to the customer experience will make a difference to you, your Company, and your bottom line.

Nicholas Truck Sales & Service is a Family Owned and Operated Business that has been helping its clients Buy a Truck since 1991 by offering quality New and Used commercial medium duty Trucks to Northeastern Pennsylvania and New York.

I Want to Buy a Truck
Diesel vs. Gas: Which Is the Better Fuel — and Vehicle — for Your Money?

Contact Nicholas Truck Sales & Service or Hino of Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania if you have asked, I Want to Buy a Truck.

If you Want to Buy a Truck, a New or Used commercial medium duty Trucks in Northeastern Pennsylvania or New York then call Nicholas Truck Sales & Service. We are a Family Owned and Operated Business that has been helping clients Buy a Truck, New or Used commercial medium duty Truck(s) in the Northeastern Pennsylvania and New York areas since 1991.