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PureHino Genuine Parts

PureHino Genuine Parts – Hino Genuine Filters have up to 20% higher capacity than other brands.


Hino Genuine Oil Filters are engineered for the reduced oil amounts that are unique to Hino Trucks – they are specifically designed for the higher fluid cycles that less oil requires and the longer drain intervals of Hino engines – the result: Hino Filters deliver up to 20% higher capacity than other filters on the market. Hino Genuine Filters also lead the market with efficiency in the 30 to 40um micron range which is necessary to provide the right level of protection. The bottom line? If you’re not using Hino Genuine Filters you may be damaging your engine.


Hino Filters deliver the highest capacity on the market. Low capacity filters mean a shorter filter life and higher potential for system bypass – a condition that allows unfiltered lubricants to enter the engine.


Hino Filters are leaders in efficiency in the 30-40um micron range for particulates. Low efficiency means a lack of protection and higher component wear.


The Hino Trucks Genuine Oil filter has nearly a 100% efficiency rating at 30 microns, while maintaining the lowest pressure differential on the market (to allow proper oil flow to the engine). Lower efficiency or higher pressure differential will lead to engine damage.

Hino’s research and development in engines and components is world class, and the results show: Hino engines are among the highest rated for longevity on the market. That means lower costs for operation. Unique to Hino’s engine design is their low requirement for oil – up to 26% less than other OEM’S! Combined with extraordinarily long change intervals for oil (up to 20,000 miles) the efficiency and capacity of the filter becomes critical. Hino Genuine filters are engineered specifically for Hino Engines -simply put, no other filter meets the requirements.


PureHino Genuine Parts

HINO, offers Conventional Trucks from 23000 GVW to 66,000 GVW in both 4×2 and 6×4 Configurations, and has expanded to offer a Low Cab Forward (Cabover) Truck in both 14500 and 19500 GVW classes.

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