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Hino Trucks Known For Reliability

Hino trucks are known far and wide for their reliability. Truck drivers and fleet operators throughout the globe rely on Hino trucks and only Hino trucks because they are trustworthy and reliable.. In comparison to Isuzu Trucks, Hino’s lineup is known for having stronger frames that are better at resisting bending. The Hino Trucks 195, as an example, is reported to have a frame 32% stronger than the Isuzu NRR model. But Hino’s reliability is nothing new; dating back to 2011, major publications have raved about Hino’s engine quality.

Hino Trucks Has Your Back
Hino TrucksIf you’re ever in an accident or even breakdown on the side of the road, it’s nice to know Hino Trucks has your back, 24/7. HinoWatch Roadside Assistance is a comprehensive program aimed at keeping you safe and your truck on the road. Hino’s lockout service can get you back into your truck if you ever lock yourself out accidentally, and if your battery doesn’t turn over on a cold winter morning, HinoWatch will send someone to give you a jump start. In the event your truck simply won’t start, HinoWatch also provides towing services to get you and your truck to a nearby garage so you can get back on the road quickly. Most companies have some sort of roadside assistance program, but few can compare with HinoWatch.

Hino Trucks has you covered as all Hino cab-over engine models are backed with a best-in-class 5 Year / 200,000 mile engine warranty. The Hino 155 is also included in HinoCare, which provides 2 years / 60,000 miles of preventive care coverage benefits free of charge.

2018 HINO 155 (14,500 GVW)

2018 Hino 155 Specifications

2018 HINO 155

Designed for the North American market, the Hino COE models were engineered with near perfection in mind. The 2018 Hino 155 delivers performance, durability and low cost operation in Ontario and across provinces. With a 5.1L diesel displacement engine, Aisin A465 (PTO capable) 6-speed automatic transmission, plus strategically improved aerodynamics, the Hino 155 has 210 horsepower, producing 440 lb.-ft. torque.

The Hino 155 features a fully-loaded cab that includes an adjustable driver’s seat with magnetic suspension, along with a two-person high-back bench seat, so you can bring the crew for lunch. Power door locks with keyless entry make entering and exiting the cab easy, especially when your hands are full.

Efficiency is at the heart of every Hino truck and the new 155 is no exception. This time around, the Hino 155 enables a rear mounted, 30-gallon fuel tank that strategically improves the truck’s weight distribution and its payload capacity.

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