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We Have New & Used Isuzu Trucks in Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Visit Nicholas Truck Sales & Service, Hino, Isuzu in Luzerne, Pennsylvania, for all of your Isuzu commercial truck, Hino commercial truck and vehicle needs. We are a New & Used Isuzu and Hino service and parts distributor for Box Trucks, Straight Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks,  Stake Trucks and more. At Nicholas Truck Sales & Service we have, New & Used Isuzu Trucks, Isuzu Ecomax, Isuzu FRR, Isuzu FSR, Isuzu FTR, Isuzu FVR, Isuzu FXR, Isuzu NPR, Isuzu NPR EFI, Isuzu NPR HD, Isuzu NPR XD, Isuzu NQR, Isuzu NRR, Isuzu plumber body, Isuzu pup body, Isuzu reach body, Isuzu truck body, Isuzu box body, Isuzu refer body, Isuzu flatbed body as well as, Hino light duty truck models, CAB-OVER 155 14,500 GVW, CAB-OVER 155 DC 14,500 GVW Double Cab, Hino medium duty truck models, CAB-OVER 195 19,500 GVW, CAB-OVER 195 DC 19,500 GVW Double Cab, CONVENTIONAL 238 23,000 GVW, CONVENTIONAL 258 ALP 25,500 GVW Air / Low Profile, CONVENTIONAL 258 LP 25,500 GVW Low Profile, CONVENTIONAL 268 25,950 GVW, CONVENTIONAL 268A 25,950 GVW Air, CONVENTIONAL 338 33,000 GVW. We are your new & used Hino, New & Used Isuzu Trucks medium duty truck dealership serving Northeastern Pennsylvania and New York!

New & Used Isuzu Trucks and New & Used Hino Commercial Trucks.
Fleet Managers Come To Nicholas Truck Sales & Service.

New & Used Isuzu Trucks in Pennsylvania
New & Used Isuzu Trucks for Sale

Fleet managers, small business owners, franchise companies, municipalities, contractors and owner-operators from the areas of Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Lancaster, Allentown, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Hershey, Trenton New Jersey and Poughkeepsie New York and they all come to Luzerne Pennsylvania for our great Hino and Isuzu medium duty commercial truck pricing and our first class, customer service and support! Contact Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Isuzu, Hino for your next commercial medium duty truck or used Box Trucks, Straight Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks,  Stake Trucks, Reach Trucks, used medium duty trucks, delivery truck, utility truck or used cargo commercial truck for sale. We also serve the needs of fleet owners operators in landscaping, plumbing, mechanic services, utility businesses, and contractors of all types!

Isuzu FleetValueDo you need the Right Part for the Right Price at the Right Time! Saving money is a prime concern these days, but truck owners and operators can’t afford to sacrifice quality for price. And down time because of service and repairs is just something you don’t need to worry about. FleetValue™ by Isuzu trucks is a parts product line designed to provide you greater value than what is currently available in the parts aftermarket. This parts line focuses on maintenance parts for your Isuzu-built commercial truck. FleetValue parts are high quality, provide excellent value at a competitive price and are available only at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Isuzu. HinoCare offer almost the same thing by, controlling vehicle maintenance costs because they are a challenge that fleet managers and business owners are faced with everyday. HinoCare meets that challenge by locking in planned maintenance costs for up to 7 years.

HinoCare Parts

New & Used Hino Trucks in Pennsylvania
Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Hino

You’re not only able to plan more accurately but can rest easy knowing that your vehicles are current with preventive service and delivering the most cost effective ownership available at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Isuzu and Hino Dealership.

Are you looking for aftermarket parts to save money. Sometimes aftermarket parts are good, sometimes they’re not. If they’re not, you could be compromising the protection of your commercial truck and possibly the safety of your drivers. All FleetValue and HinoCare parts meet the performance standards established for your Isuzu built truck and Hino built truck. As an example, FleetValue brake pads were put through rigorous on-vehicle testing and exceeded the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). FleetValue™ by Isuzu commercial truck parts are competitively priced and conveniently available at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Isuzu. At Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Isuzu, Hino we can offer you FleetValue parts and HinoCare parts as well as the full line of Genuine Hino and Isuzu Parts to service your commercial truck. Only Hino and Isuzu dealers like Nicholas Truck Sales & Service can provide this kind of convenience and value. FleetValue and HinoCare parts provide high quality and great value at a competitive price.

Keep your business moving with Nicholas Truck Sales & Service, Hino, Isuzu in Luzerne, Pennsylvania. We have light and medium duty trucks for sale include used straight trucks, refrigerated trucks, and stake trucks, both CDL and non-CDL, from Hino and Isuzu commercial medium duty trucks and other leading commercial medium duty truck makers. Looking for a reliable box truck or reefer truck? Check out our vast selection of New & Used Isuzu Trucks, Box Trucks, Straight Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks & Stake Trucks at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Hino, Isuzu in Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Call Rob DeFilippi, he is our Director of Sales at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service. Rob handles all aspects of Sales and Marketing for our Dealership, 866.612.4452.

New & Used Isuzu Trucks – New & Used Hino Trucks

If you want the best truck at the best price along with the best service in the Northeast Pennsylvania and New York market areas, call Nicholas Truck Sales & Service Hino, Isuzu Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

Contact us because at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service, we are extremely proud to represent Hino and Isuzu commercial trucks in the Northeast Pennsylvania and New York market areas. We feel that Hino and Isuzu commercial trucks complement each other nicely in the commercial truck marketplace.

ISUZU, which offers Low Cab Forward (Cabover) Trucks in GVWR from 12000 to 25950, in both Gas and Diesel Configurations.

HINO, offers Conventional Trucks from 23000 GVW to 66,000 GVW in both 4×2 and 6×4 Configurations, and has expanded to offer a Low Cab Forward (Cabover) Truck in both 14500 and 19500 GVW classes.

Our Sales Team at Nicholas Truck Sales & Service is always Ready, Willing and Able, to answer any questions you may have about any Hino New & Used Trucks or New & Used Isuzu Trucks and how they could work for your Business.

Hino 195
The All Steel Cab, Hino 195

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Contact Hino of Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania for New & Used Hino Trucks, we also have New & Used Isuzu Trucks in Pennsylvania too.