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Light Duty Cab-Overs

Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs

Hino’s signature vehicle comes in many models, one of which will be perfect for your light and medium duty urban delivery needs.

  • Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs, 155 14,500 GVW
  • Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs, 155DC 14,500 GVW Double Cab

Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs

  • Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs, 195 19,500 GVW
  • Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs, 195DC 19,500 GVW Double Cab
  • Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs, 195H – 19,500 lbs GVW
  • Hino Medium Duty Cab-Overs, 195HDC – 19,500 lbs GVW Double Cab

Whether you’re delivering to downtown Scranton or tending to lawns and landscapes in Dallas, Pennsylvania, the ideal truck for you has to be economical and low-maintenance. You want your drivers to be comfortable but you also demand the tightest turning ratio available.

Light Duty Cab-Overs
The Ultimate Craft Beer Truck

Hino cab-overs are not only built here in the US, they are designed specifically for the North American market.

Engineered to get you into and out of tight spaces with ease, Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs run the gamut from the super-efficient 155, a little beauty that punches above its 14,500-lb. weight to the larger Hino 195 Medium Duty Cab-Overs, which comes in multiple wheelbase configurations. That makes these trucks ideal for towing, recovery, stake work, refrigeration or rollback hook applications.

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The extreme ease of entry and exit, and the A/C that comes as standard equipment round out the Hino cab-over list of niceties. And while you don’t want to be worried about downtime, Hino protects these best-in-class products with a comprehensive five-year warranty. What’s more, for the first three years of ownership, HINOWATCH protects your Hino truck with 24-hour roadside assistance at no extra charge. HINOWATCH covers lockout service, out of fuel/DEF, battery jump-start and towing on warrant-able repairs (up to a maximum of $1,000 per tow.)

So even after you’ve settled on a cab-over, you’ll also want to know you’re getting value for your money; reliability and a great relationship between your people and the people who will supply and service your fleet; a.k.a., Nicholas Truck Sales & Service. Making you PROFITABLE – One Truck at a Time!

Hino Light Duty Cab-Overs

HINO, offers Conventional Trucks from 23000 GVW to 66,000 GVW in both 4×2 and 6×4 Configurations, and has expanded to offer a Low Cab Forward (Cabover) Truck in both 14500 and 19500 GVW classes.

Our Sales Team is Ready, Willing and Able, to answer any questions you may have about these products and how they would work for your Business.

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