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Cold Weather Hino Truck1. If your truck is equipped with a block heater it is recommended to keep it plugged in overnight.

2. Keep a snow brush/ice scraper in the truck.

3. Check your coolant level. If the coolant level is below block heater it can burn up.

4. Drain Air Tanks daily.

5. Use good quality fuel; you get what you pay for!

6. Keep your tank full; a half-full tank can lead to water condensation in the fuel line

7. Use the recommended engine oil for your truck.

8. Check your batteries and connections frequently. Cold weather drains batteries more quickly.

9. Make sure your windshield washer fluid is full! Dirty snow and salt residue make it very difficult to see if you don't have washer fluid.

10. Leave extra room between you and the vehicle ahead of you, trucks require more time to stop on slippery surfaces.

11. Easy on the gas! Giving your truck too much power can cause you to lose traction when driving in the snow and result in a skid.

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