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Alex NicholasA man of many hats, Alex's roles include Truck Sales, Marketing, and Titling for Nicholas Wyoming Valley Truck Sales and Service. Alex grew up doing various jobs for the company while he was in high school and college. He resumed his position with Nicholas Truck Sales full time in 2015. With his efforts, the company was named PA Truck Dealer for 2017 and was in the running for the Top Truck Dealer in the U.S. In his position, Alex thrives on helping customers find the right truck at an affordable price. He feels great making sure customers find a truck that suits their needs.

Customers and co-workers enjoy working with Alex because he ensures each transaction goes smoothly and is done fairly. He explains that purchasing a truck is not the same process as buying a car. When a customer needs to purchase a truck, the process needs to be done seamlessly. It needs to be quick and free of back and forth haggling because the top priority for the customer is getting back on the road as quickly they as can, all while making a fair investment in a new truck. Alex understands time for his customers is of the essence, so he keeps the buying process simple by offering the best prices up front instead of shooting high as many other sales people do. With Alex handling the sales transaction, customers can be confident they are in good hands.

Alex graduated from Duquesne University and enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing ice hockey, and being outdoors when he's not helping his customers find the truck they need.