5 Uses of Hino Medium Duty Trucks

The medium-duty truck market is one of the most competitive in the automotive industry. These workhorses are customizable to almost any specification and they have as many uses are there are industries that need them.

Let’s see the ways in which you can put the functional, purposeful and reliable attributes of Hino medium duty trucks to work for you.

2011 Hino 300 Series narrow body

1) Hauling Freight
One of the most common uses for medium duty trucks is for hauling freight in all its forms. Since these vehicles come standard as a chassis which can be fitted with numerous body types, you are able to customize to suit your particular business needs.

With the release of the AO9C nine-liter engine, Hino has increased its medium duty offering to the largest of any automotive brand. You now have a choice of 8 Hino medium duty trucks, from the FG 1628, 280 hp. 6-speed in auto or manual, to the GH 1835,350 hp. 9-speed manual.

This wider range of choices means that one of these is sure to meet your cargo needs whether you are moving heavy machinery or delicate computer parts.

2) Towing
Tow trucks require power and maneuverability to function at their best and the range of Hino trucks has this in spades.

Some of the features of the new model include WAbco developed VSC stability control, easy hill start, reversing camera, ABS anti-lock brakes, a long flat torque curve, and ASR skid control. Features that come in really handy when towing another vehicle.

3) Deliveries around town
Florists and caterers will find that the 8 liter Hino with its quiet engine, good looks, and comfortable cab design makes zipping around town a breeze. Almost any kind of truck body can be designed to fit the chassis of Hino medium duty trucks. Talk to a reputable dealer about the option that best suits you.

The wide range of safety features incorporated into the design of these trucks means you are safe even in the heaviest traffic. The cabs also come standard with driver’s SRS airbag and Euro crash test standard cab.

4) Construction
The construction industry has one of the widest specs for these vehicles. The cross diff locks on the new Hino range come in handy as well. These vehicles can be adapted to function around building sites as:
• Cement trucks
• Dump trucks
• Landscape trucks
• Contractors trucks
• Tipper trucks
• Crane and bucket
• Wrecker

5) Specialized uses for Hino Medium duty trucks

Hino’s flexibility, reliability, and awesome safety features make them stand out.

Whether you need a refrigerator truck, horse transporter, flatbed trailer, snow plow or even an armored vehicle, talk to your dealer about how Hino’s medium duty trucks can be customized to suit your business needs.

Hino is America’s fastest growing light and medium duty truck brand, with hundreds of dealers nationwide. Hino is able to deliver all the after-sales service and spares you could need. Plus, it will still be around when it’s time to expand your fleet.

Only time will tell if Hino’s continued focus on fleet efficiency will outperform other brands, such as Freightliner.

Get in touch for a test drive today.

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